Friday, 7 March 2014

Objects Of His Obsession

Hello my lovelies,

Aaargh!!! Just pubbed, Objects Of His Obsession.

I find the Victorian's fascinating, so I had a lot of fun playing around in the late 1890's, plus researching the Egyptology aspects of the story. There are always a host of other things that have to be double-checked … although thank you Pinterest angels, it is the best way to instantly access inspirational images of the most gorgeous selection of vintage clothing. Of which all I can say is, corsets, FABULOUS! Not oppression for women! Just instant liposuction! Or at least the illusion of it :-) Bring them back!

Yes, I'm a little punch-drunk from 2am wrestling the Objects cover into decent shape. I'm happy with how the colours kicked though. And with finding a good match for the devastatingly sexy Evander!

I'll put the blurb in after, but as is my habit, I thought I'd share a music link.

I've had this playing some while writing, and LOTS while driving and thinking about these two guys, and for me it was a soundtrack to absolutely everything about Evander and Benedict. (It's Aqualash, by the way, and deliciously lush and utterly haunting).

I will be posting the Cash: 7 Deadly Sins story this weekend for download at Goodreads, so please grab a copy once it's up,

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London, 1898

Lord Benedict Yeats has two obsessions.

One of which has a definite pulse – the seductive and beautiful Evander St John, Duke of Casterwell. A man he has a certain history with.

A man who tells Benedict that he has spent too long amongst sand and dead things. He might not be wrong. Casterwell’s world is one of sexual sophistication and games that Benedict cannot hope to match.

But when Benedict returns from working on a famous dig in Cairo, Casterwell invites him to a country house party that will change his life. An Egyptologist of growing renown, Benedict will also catalogue the famous Casterwell collection of antiquities.

And almost certainly, will become one of Casterwell’s string of lovers. But will he be the one to break through that glittering faƧade? Or will the scars of Casterwell’s dark, bloody past and his complex and fiercely deceptive private life tear them apart?

Warning: Contains two men wildly obsessed, a lust too long denied, hot m/m sex between a naive Egyptologist and one very determined duke, and absolutely no cursed tombs. Approx. 56000 words.

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