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I was having a deep think ... well, as deep as I ever do, and I thought it would be fun to have some stuff up here about movies and TV. Because to me, they feed so much into writing.

When I write, I have whole movies going on in my head. I think a lot of writers work that way.

I'm not exactly into chick flicks... if it's horror, you gotta count (and it's one of my top tens anyway) John Carpenter's The Thing. What an incredible exercise in paranoia. Genius. And for grand opera horror, Dario Argento (Suspiria anyone).

Who could go past Tarantino, Kill Bill 1/2, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Inglorious Basterds (spelled right wrong?).

Incredible foreign films would have to be a tie between Pan's Labyrinth (kinda horror, kinda magic realism, Del Toro is a genius) and Queen Margot. For anyone who loves guy eye candy, check out the brilliant Queen Margot if only to eyeball Vincent Perez. There he is, on the left. Lord have mercy. You'll get to see an amazing, astonishing movie along the way.

Oh yeah, and a film I fell in love with, Cloud Atlas. Watch it my pretties!! Please...

Lots of film noir, visual and on the page. I admire Raymond Chandler so much. I'll blather about the film noir thing later if I can grab the time.

TV... here and gone. Sons of Anarchy. Justified. Arrested Development. And the mighty Deadwood. Swearengen!!

Yeah, and Sherlock. Goddammit! I think I did a Reichenbach Falls snark when posting on my XA blog.

I could carry on like a total fan gal about so much more but I'll leave it for a post.

I don't know, anyone have those films, those TV shows you just can't forget … or if you got stuck in a hotel room with the most boring person in creation, you'd pray you had a copy of at least ONE of the above or something from your own list to keep you entertained, 'cos they sure as hell won't?

Ha! Always good to plan ahead :-)

And any Cloud Atlas lovers out there? Pretty please?

Ciao for now, xoxo.

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