His / His Sweet Prince / Forget Him Not (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline) Books 1-3

HIS: The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline Book 1

As an Oz writer, I enjoy setting stories in familiar turf – in this case, Sydney. Not a lot of vamp stories set there! There should be, even if the sunshine and surf would be a bummer to any ex-surfer undead. 

I can certainly see Nix and the devastatingly sexy Roark making Sydney their base. It has a glamor, glitz and heartbeat you just can't go past … hi Sydneysiders!! You KNOW I'm right! And it's not even my town right at the moment, but hell, give the devil his due ;-)

xoxo Jae 

HERE'S THE BLURB (read after for His Sweet Prince):

Some loves cannot die.

Nix DeAngelo has always known that vampires existed. Hell, they’ve been out since the sixties. He just never knew he’d fall for one. And Alexander Roark, a fiercely alpha, magnificent male, is way out of his league.

Even when he first meets Roark in the VIP section of an upmarket club and believes he is human, Nix knows that. It may be lust at first sight, but tough, independent Nix walks away from the devastating male. He has enough trouble in his life. Like dealing with the aftermath of family tragedy and being a big brother to his sister, Samantha. And raising money to pay off the mountain of debt the siblings have been left with.

Some of the ways he pays those debts aren’t pretty. When he meets him again, Roark is his purchaser for the night. And not concealing his true identity as a vampire. What Nix doesn’t realize is that the two have a history that goes back for centuries. One of a dark, vicious love. Even those of Roark’s own bloodline, the Hellfire Vampires, do not trust him. They remember just what his previous incarnation, Nikolai, was. A killer. A slaughterer. The infamous Bloodletter.

To save Roark from his enemies, Nix must let go of his human existence. Become a vampire. But if he does so, will his dark side, the Bloodletter, be let loose?

Even Roark cannot answer that.

HIS is a standalone Hellfire Vampires Bloodline novel incorporating the following, rewritten and with quite some additional material:
His Claiming (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline: Novella 1)
Claimed, Bled & His (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline: Novella 2)
His Claimed, His Consort (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline: Novella 3)

Approx. 60,000 + words or around 220 print pages. Contains two males scorching hot for one another and fierce m/m human/vampire action.

HIS SWEET PRINCE: The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline Book 2

(New Cover) A broken lycan prince, an assassin playing reckless games with his powers as a witch … thrown together the heat between the two men is incendiary.

Blood will be spilled, a haunting will drive one to the verge of madness, a terrible bargain will be driven with the dark side of the Otherworld. 

This is a sexy, action filled story of shifters, bonds and witchcraft, one tied to the Hellfire world but totally standalone.

Here is the blurb:

Shifters and witches don't mix, no matter how combustible their sexual chemistry. Especially when one is an assassin, and the other a lycan prince he has been sent to slaughter.

Easton Caird is many things. To his Agency, he is codenamed Scarlet. Scarlet for blood spilled, Scarlet for the rentboy he impersonates. Damaged, dangerous, he trusts no one.

And when he reads his would-be mark, Grisha Vasiliev, a lycan prince who has turned his back on the shifter pack and crime empire headed by his ruthless father, he realizes that the intel he was given on the commanding male was comprised. Vasiliev is no Russian mobster, trading in drugs, guns, and human misery. But Vasiliev's father, a lycan king is.

The two of them will be thrown together and with death so close, the raw lust between them cannot be denied. With so much blood spilled the consequences of success or failure will be devastating.

Will Easton ultimately make the greatest sacrifice, the most eternal trade of all in order to gain a love, secure a bond he has never had before? Grisha may just be worth it.

Approx: 57 000 words.

His Sweet Prince is currently available through Amazon for purchase.

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FORGET HIM NOT: The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline Book 3

Ex-assassin Easton Caird has made some major sacrifices in the name of love. The wild sexual chemistry and tender moments with his lover, lycan king Grisha Vasiliev, make it worth it. Not that reclaiming his pack from his gangster father hasn't cost Grisha almost everything himself.

They've both always lived on a razor's edge. But Easton's never had so much to lose before, or more dangerous enemies.

The Hellfire Vampires are his lycan king's fiercest allies. Then again, the Hellfire may decide they want Easton dead. Gold, also known as vampire blood, is the hottest, near-mythic drug going, and it's being drained from kidnapped vamps. Easton may just be implicated in those kidnappings.

Under siege himself, his lover will fight to protect him, for with a soul traded and his powers gone, Easton has few weapons of his own but for his wits.

His wits, and a very, very rare gift that he must no longer deny.

Grisha will kill to defend him. But will Grisha need to be defended against Easton?

* Forget Him Not is the third Hellfire Vampires book, and is best read after His Sweet Prince (the second).

Both books can be read separately from His, the first Hellfire Vampires story.

Approx. 59,000 words.

Forget Him Not is currently available through Amazon for purchase.

It is also available through #kdp #kindleUnlimited #kindleLendingLibrary

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