Monday, 10 March 2014

Cash: Angel, Demon, Rock Star (The Seven Deadly Sins .1.)

Cash, a Seven Deadly Sins story.

What happens when a raunchy, bisexual rock star is the prize in a battle between an angel and a demon? 

They might start fighting dirty. Winner take all. With seven deadly sins to play with, it’s going to get creative. And Management may not approve. 

Contains bad behavior, hot m/m action, and a lot of sweaty leather. Approx. 16,500+ words plus extra material.

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  1. So, I've just read this, and I'm honestly confused. Was Zee the angel all along? Or did he and Rosie switch bodies at the end? That part wasn't clear at all.

  2. Hi Laura,

    Basically, the angel stole the demon (Zee’s) name, from the moment the angel surfer appears at the dressing room and introduces himself to Cash. He does it to wind the demon up as they are old adversaries.

    The demon had been watching Cash for a while, and already involving himself with Cash as the (fake) groupie Rosie: “He’d been merely playing games before. Preparation. A hunch. Now it was serious. Official.”

    They don’t switch bodies, it’s that the angel steals Zee’s name, and the demon had already set up the “Rosie” false identity/involvement some time before. The demon isn’t too happy about it, which is why Rosie explodes at the angelic surfer Zee at the end:

    “You stole my name!” she spat. “You cheated.”
    “The bet had no rules about names. I was just screwing with you, borrowing that name. I knew it would piss you off. And you’ve lost.”
    “My name. My bloody name,” she wailed, those celestial blue eyes enraged. “Some angel. You tricky little shit. Now I’m stuck with Rosie for–”
    “At least a year.”

    I hope that helps :)