Saturday, 22 March 2014

HIS (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline) new cover… Objects Of His Obsession.

Hi all,

Some people compulsively rearrange furniture, I occasionally look at covers I've done, and go, hmm…

So HIS has a new cover. I've popped the previous, replaced, one underneath, to save any confusion. Inside, they ARE the same book :-)

I've got to admit, I prefer the hyper-color one on the left, as much as I love classic black & white/sepia style cover work.

Hmm, what else.

At the moment I AM working on the second Hellfire Bloodline book, and having tons of fun with it. Easton is a wicked number & Grisha is a delicious beast to write. Well, they both are, together with the continuing story of Roark and Nix.
I do miss the world of Benedict & Evander (Objects Of His Obsession). I really did love them, and gave them the best HEA I think the times and the complications of their own lives made possible.

I am a total history nerd, and have long had a mad love affair with the Victorian era (from the start of that very short, grumpy looking queen's reign to its end … um, over sixty years worth, ending in 1901). Researching for it made me happy happy happy that Google was invented. I had a pile of books beside me and still found myself hitting it over the weirdest details. I was discussing it with a friend, and boiled down the multiple issues to one simple example … a character walks into a room. They want to turn on a light. If it's London, 1898, and you're loaded(with dough), no problemo. Electricity. You can even pick up a phone and call the short list of like minded people that also have one. Now you're in the country. Electricity? Gas? Rich? Poor? And if you're in Cairo, and not in the poshest part, Google will become your best friend.

I find that stuff fun but to others it would be about as lovely as the sound of a dentists drill. Anyways, hopefully the weird machinations behind the scenes don't show up when someone hits that switch.

Umm, what else? I was pondering, as ever, just how brilliant the TV show Justified is. It combines three things I find fabulous – Elmore Leonard, Timothy Olyphant, and Walton Goggins. And Timothy Olyphant gets extra cred for having been in the fabulous Deadwood. Yeah, and anyone who watched that show will know it had two catch cries. One was Swearengen!!! (loudly) and the other made a friend quickly give me back my DVD of the first season. She didn't want her small child's first word to be, well, take a wild guess, Deadwood fans. Yeah, you know, THAT word ;-)

Yeah, some blogs have great recipes (I can't do that, having refused to cook anymore after previous paid SLOG at the stove), some have inspirational GORGEOUS men – bless their hearts for it. I will happily blather about TV and film and post YouTube links to music I love.

Well, it's one in the morning here so I'm calling it a day.

Have a great weekend everyone, we're just finishing up Saturday here!


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