Tuesday, 31 December 2013

HIS (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline (Standalone Vampire Romance))

Hey, here’s to 2014! If it’s not with you in your neck of the woods yet, go wild, or if you’re recovering from rolling it in ;-)

Just published through Amazon and Smashwords, HIS (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline (Standalone Vampire Romance)). HIS started off life as the first three novellas in the Hellfire Vampires Bloodline series. Rather than putting them in an anthology I decided to do some rewriting, explore the history of the characters a little more and roll the three into a standalone novel.

I mentioned in the notes at the back of the book that I enjoy setting stories in familiar Oz turf – in this case, Sydney. Not a lot of vamp stories set there! There should be, even if the sunshine and surf would be a bummer to any ex-surfer undead. Swings and roundabouts, baby!

May your New Year be wonderful & your new years resolutions insanely extravagant and unobtainable – the best kind.



Some loves cannot die.

Nix DeAngelo has always known that vampires existed. Hell, they’ve been out since the sixties. He just never knew he’d fall for one. And Alexander Roark, a fiercely alpha, magnificent male, is way out of his league.

Even when he first meets Roark in the VIP section of an upmarket club and believes he is human, Nix knows that. It may be lust at first sight, but tough, independent Nix walks away from the devastating male. He has enough trouble in his life. Like dealing with the aftermath of family tragedy and being a big brother to his sister, Samantha. And raising money to pay off the mountain of debt the siblings have been left with.

Some of the ways he pays those debts aren’t pretty. When he meets him again, Roark is his purchaser for the night. And not concealing his true identity as a vampire. What Nix doesn’t realize is that the two have a history that goes back for centuries. One of a dark, vicious love. Even those of Roark’s own bloodline, the Hellfire Vampires, do not trust him. They remember just what his previous incarnation, Nikolai, was. A killer. A slaughterer. The infamous Bloodletter.

To save Roark from his enemies, Nix must let go of his human existence. Become a vampire. But if he does so, will his dark side, the Bloodletter, be let loose?

Even Roark cannot answer that.

HIS is a standalone Hellfire Vampires Bloodline novel incorporating the following, rewritten and with additional material:
His Claiming (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline: Novella 1)
Claimed, Bled & His (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline: Novella 2)
His Claimed, His Consort (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline: Novella 3)

Approx. 60,000+ words or around 220 print pages. Contains two males scorching hot for one another and fierce m/m human/vampire action.

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