Sunday, 26 January 2014

Seven Sins & still counting

I love writing the Hellfire Vampires and will be starting on the next one shortly, but I did want to write a short story/stories that were fully self contained and based around the seven deadly sins (ever inspirational!), so I'm having a quick change of pace. I've almost finished one before I get back to all things vampire. 

For those that have read either His or the Hellfire trio, I really do hope you got a kick out of them. It is a world I am continuing with and really enjoy creating.

I listen to a lot of stuff while I write and natch, the Stones Sympathy For The Devil has been a major one for this, but I'm in a seventies phase and this one I love and have played a lot as well ... enjoy some rare disco genius, my lovelies, and I will post once seven sins (1) is available. (I love Sylvester but can only say about the dancers at the start of the video that they add to the retro vibe!)

Click on the link to be taken to disco heaven...

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