Sunday, 16 February 2014

Seven Deadly Sins & Next Stop

Hi lovelies,

Me catching up… Last post I was in the middle of a story about the seven deadly sins. That’s done (claps hands, yay!!) and hovering about on a major set of big angelic wings, as opposed to cojones ;-) It will be released as a freebie on Goodreads, once I’ve finished the story I’m currently working on.

This much longer title is set in an English country house, places foreign, and features two intriguing, very opposite men. Oh, and Egyptology and obsessions... as one character remarks, echoing my own feelings on the subject, “I can always tell those marked by obsession. I truly pity those who live without it.”

Yeah, long live obsessions, carnal and otherwise, me getting the HEA pitched just right and final edits. It will be out in a week or two. Life domestically is chockas!

We’ve also been having bushfires here and the sky was hazy for days on end. At times you could catch the tang of smoke in the air. An ominous and terrible thing.

On a lighter note … talking of obsessions… Sherlock finally aired here. Do love me some Sherlock. And I had to love that HOW HE DID IT never was actually explained (clever bastards ;-)

The above paragraph will only make sense to those in the Sherlockian club. BUT, we’ve also been checking out tons of Supernatural here :-) Sam! Dean!

Just to finish this incredibly long-winded post …The photo is very Seven Deadly. Plus the guy has great ink. Disorder! And muscles.

*As ever, don’t forget to check out the Freebies page.

Lastly, a mood-setting soundtrack for you all … the maaaster, Tom Waits. Delicious.



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