Wednesday, 11 December 2013

His Claiming and Claimed, Bled & His + Hellfire Vampires #3

Hello people,

I am writing like a fiend in between Christmas shopping (aaargh!) & the usual household and social madness that we all so love at this time of the year... hmmm. Office Christmas party anyone?

The third instalment of the Hellfire Vampires Bloodline trilogy will be out before Christmas. If I can, I'll have it pubbed at Amazon first within the next week or so, elsewhere shortly after. We should all give ourselves something for Christmas (hell, we give enough fab stuff to other people :) and getting the trilogy finished will be my prez to myself.

I am having tons of fun with Roark, Nix and the wicked Lucrezia. Reminder to self: in MY next life, I think I'll come back as her. Meanwhile I'm writing about the fallout of Nix's last life...

There's been a cover redesign for Claimed, Bled & His, here is the newbie:

Have a great preXmas & wonderful times with those you love,



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