Wednesday, 25 December 2013

His Claimed, His Consort (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline: 3)

I know it's wicked, but I bet a whole ten dollars I wouldn't have this baby up by Xmas & I think I juuuust scraped in! BIG GRIN!!

Well, it's actually early hours of Boxing Day here in Oz but I still think I won that $10! Christmas shopping and gift wrapping have to cut some slack somewhere, right?

I hit the publish button and the Amazon angels worked super quick, so it's now live.

His Claimed, His Consort is the third and final in The Hellfire Vampires Trilogy. I hope you all have enjoyed them, and more importantly, that you've had an excellent Christmas.

Ahead lays 2014. Wow.

xoxo, J

Mmm, I had better include the blurb here...

His Claimed, His Consort

It started out as a business proposition. Alexander Roark, one of the wealthiest vampires on the planet, bought hot young male Nix DeAngelo’s services for the night.

But Roark had a secret agenda. Nix was Nikolai, Roark’s dangerous, murderous, lost love in another life. And the devastating, commanding alpha vampire has quickly become an addiction that tough, streetwise Nix cannot shake.

Nix has fought for many things. Sold himself to protect his sister Samantha. And so when he agrees to become Roark’s consort, it is because he will do anything to protect Roark. Including becoming a vampire.

But even the strong have vulnerabilities, and Roark has enemies. A blood feud began with Nikolai. War has broken out and only Nix can truly bring peace. If he can survive that, maybe, just maybe, he and Roark stand a chance together…

Approx. 19,000 words. Contains hot m/m scenes and human/vampire interaction. The final in the Hellfire Vampires Bloodline trilogy.

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