Monday, 23 June 2014

Iggy Pop & Lust For Life + Movie of The Week: Fight Club

I'm binging on rock stars and blood-letting at the moment … somehow the two go so well together.

So hitting a few RS bio's, but one I haven't but should is James Newell Osterberg Jr's, AKA Iggy. I saw him waaay back when and he was just as fabulous as you'd think and then some. Talk about punk aerobics! Something tells me he'll still be bending brain cells when he's wheeled onstage at 90!

So it's a short post, cos I'm tired and it's Monday night here :(

Have fun, my lovelies, & thank you for taking part in the Blogger Girls guest post & giveaway.

Now, one last thing: binge on this & my fave nominated movie for this week, Fight Club, with the fabulous Mr Pitt, Mr Norton & the f+k off brilliant H Bonham Carter.

Well, hell, I posted about some Audrey Hepburn sixties greatness  
the other week. Chick flick stuff. This week, well … all I can say about Fight Club is, WATCH IT…

Oh, and hit for some classic Iggy goodness.



photo credit: losol via photopin cc  / photo credit: via photopin cc

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