Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Movie Comfort Food … & Which Would U Be? Buffy Or Drusilla?

We’ve all got our own personal comfort food. Mashed potato, mac and cheese, whatever.

Comfort reads, too. Books you go to because you love them, and you know that once you sink into that world, you may find new things but there is a wonderful familiarity there as well.

Comfort TV shows? Well, we had a Buffy marathon here over the weekend. And then of course, there is Angel, which, gotta confess, I like even more. Although for power couples nothing betters Spike and Drusilla, the Sid and Nancy of the vamp world. I’d like to think in one of those ‘which character are you?’ quizzes I’d come out as Buffy. Something tells me I’m a little more Drusilla! The traces of Goth still linger...

But comfort movies ... well, right now, I’m writing and there is a classic Sam Peckinpah/Steve McQueen movie playing, The Getaway. I love tough guy movies, action flicks, Vin Diesel (although that could be The Voice) and Jason Statham is a riot in the Transporter movies through to Revolver, a Guy Ritchie number that is one addictive, truly underrated mindf*ck.

But the subject WAS comfort movies ... which leads me to two sixties classics and Audrey Hepburn. And these ARE chick flicks, I happily admit :) The first would be Charade, a great movie she made with Cary Grant. The second would be How To Steal A Million, co-starring Peter O’Toole.

The sixties seemed to burst at the seams with caper movies (as these two could be classed, I guess). I don’t know why, maybe it was a spillover from all the James Bond flicks hitting the screens. But those two movies, I promise, are guaranteed to make you feel that in some corner of the world (namely Paris, where they are both set), it is possible that once upon a time everyone was beautiful, chic, witty and wonderful.

And while you watch one of those films, that’s exactly the world you’ll be living in.

Delicious. For an hour and a half, two hours, feet up on the couch and chilling with your friends or honey after one tough bastard of a day or week, what more could you want?




photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

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