Sunday, 23 August 2015

Forget Him Not (Hellfire Vampires Bloodline 3)

It’s been a wild year, one way or another. There’s an old saying, or more appropriately, curse: may you live in interesting times. This last year or so has lived up to that promise. It's also meant that I haven’t kept this blog updated nearly as regularly as I would have preferred. Without tempting the Gods, life is returning to its usual tempo.

Since the last post I’ve read some fabulous books, met some great people, seen some incredible films and at some point will write about or review them (the books & films, not the people, although that WOULD be hilarious ;)

I’ve also published Forget Him Not, the third in the Hellfire Vampires Bloodline series. It follows Easton and Grisha’s story, together with that of Nix, Roark and the future of the Hellfire themselves.

I really enjoyed writing it, unraveling the dangerous forces around Easton and Grisha and giving them a HEA. As Easton discovers in the book, there really IS nothing like family ... or sibling rivalry.



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