Saturday, 28 March 2015

Dark Reads, Fierce Subject Matter

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Rereading Jane Eyre & A Rice Cry To Heaven. What a combo. The psychology of Jane Eyre has always fascinated me. What an even darker romance that would be if written now, and I’m not talking about Rochester. (Although he has some interesting issues, what with the wife in the attic and the attempted bigamy). Jane herself has a darkness and fixity that is quite terrifying in its own way (apologies to any that find it pure romance).

Quick choice: who would you rather have dinner with? Charlotte Bronte or Emily? Close, but personally I’d vote for Emily. Anyone that could create Cathy, let alone Heathcliff, I need to meet.

As for Cry To Heaven: subject matter. Nuff said. Fearless.

This is my current soundtrack, the magnificent Kate Bush (note the smooth segueway from the Bronte’s to music – Wuthering Heights, geddit ;)

Since I’m currently dealing with the stage:

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