Saturday, 14 February 2015

Updates, Bad Movies & Sequel Stuff

Well, it's officially been a long time between drinks (or should I say, posts).

I get the sense that 2014 was a mixed bag for a lot of people. I know that it had its definite great highlights for me, and lovely people and moments, along with some grindingly unpleasant aspects. On the upside, I did get His Sweet Prince out after a drought. At the moment I'm juggling a contemporary and another historical, this one opening in a period of Australian history that fascinates me.

I'm also sussing a way around a sequel/way of working with the Objects Of His Obsession world. It's totally naff for the writer of a book to have a crush on their own characters, but I do love Evander, Ben and Juliana. I really want a follow up or story set in the Obsessions world but it's tricky. A prequel featuring Juliana and her lover really appeals to me but just wouldn't work (it would be a major spoiler alert for obvious reasons, as people who have read the book will know ;). However I think I may have come up with a solution involving all characters, set after the end of the story. I'll see how it goes once I've finished the rock star & the historical.

I read some great books in 2014+ and was amazed and in awe at the sheer genius and magic of some writers. I do love that magic, that ability to create worlds and truly connect with the reader. I really do believe that creators of all kinds – writers, visual artists, musicians, are truly blessed if also a little cursed (because it can be a royal pain in the arse when it's not going right). How much energy do they give to the world when it really works though? Sensational.

I also saw some great films and TV shows that have really stayed with me. Penny Dreadful is probably a TV fave of mine. Who could beat Vanessa Ives/Eva Green as a great, original strong female lead or Penny Dreadful's version of Dorian Grey for sheer fascination? I saw a few films that bored the shite out of me, and one film, Cloud Atlas, that is on my permanent favorites list.

Ah well, it's Valentine's Day, and since I'm feeling contrary, here is a great anti-Valentine's Day song by the very, very brilliant Betty Davis. Please enjoy people, she is wicked talented...

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