Thursday, 21 November 2013

His Claiming (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline 1)

Just published... the first instalment in the Hellfire Vampires series.

I love vampire stories and gorgeous men, so combining the two was not a hardship ;) especially with an eternal, reincarnated love in the mix...

Here is the blurb for it, happy reading, J.

Some loves never die.

When tough, independent Nix meets Alexander Roark in the VIP section of an upmarket club, he doesn’t realize that the fiercely beautiful, dominant male is also one of the wealthiest vampires in the world.

Vampires have been out since the sixties. But they can hide their identities. Pass themselves off as human. And even as a human, Roark is way out of Nix’s league. Nix’s life is filled with the aftermath of family tragedy. Being a big brother to his sister, Samantha. Raising money to pay off the mountain of debt the siblings have been left with.

Some of the ways he pays those debts aren’t pretty. When he meets Roark again, Roark is his purchaser for the night. And out as a vampire. And what Nix doesn’t realize is that the two have a history that goes back for centuries.

In another life, Nix was Nikolai, Roark’s immortal love. The man who tore out his heart.

And Nix, now, is Roark’s only hope of escape from the living death of a vampire that has lost its soulmate. And others will do anything to stop Nix becoming that escape…

Approx 17,600+ words. Contains hot mm scenes and human/vampire interaction.

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